Essential Outdoor Living Items You Must Have

With proper settings, the outdoor space can be an extension of our living room. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or patio, you can turn your outdoor space into a home, an attractive place to stay by adding comfortable furniture, heat and light sources, and other outdoor accessories to relax into.


Top 10 Items


1. Comfortable Outdoor Seats


You will not choose an uncomfortable sofa in your living room, so follow the same criteria when choosing a patio seat.


Choose outdoor materials that can withstand changes in sunlight, humidity and temperature, such as powder-coated metal, and plastic wicker. If you have space, create more seating (for groups, for quiet retreats) to spice up your garden.


2. Picnic Table


Nothing beats enjoying a meal at a picnic table on a warm night. As with choosing other outdoor furniture, it’s important to size it correctly. As a general rule, leave at least 0.8 meters (2.5 feet) from the edge of the table to the edge of the porch or other obstruction to make room for chairs and traffic.  Bistro Table (2-3 feet wide) is generally ideal for smaller outdoor spaces and can provide separate seating for two.


If you have room for a larger table for up to 6 people, choose from a variety of shapes and sizes for optimal space and ventilation. As with any outdoor furniture, choose durable materials for your tables and chairs to withstand the elements.


3. Source of Shade


If you have a sunny outdoor space and enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors, thank you for protecting your shade. Shade sources come in all shapes and sizes, including shade plants, vines, rope-mounted umbrellas, and retractable solar nets.


If you need the flexibility of moving a shaded area where you need it, a freestanding umbrella is the most effective (and cheapest) option.


4. Outdoor Lighting


There is nothing like soft light that creates a garden atmosphere. Installing outdoor lighting is a big investment and requires the help of a lighting professional, but adding a stand-alone solar or battery-powered LED light to your truck is a big deal. Hanging a string light in the living room instantly adds to the atmosphere and makes things easier than it looks, even if you don’t have trusses or branches where you need them.


When purchasing an exterior light, choose one for external use only. It usually has an adhesive to prevent moisture. These “commercial grade” are marked as the most durable and usually come with warranties.


5. Grates


If you do not have a grid or want to improve your setup, please note that grids are usually categorised by fuel type and general style. Indoor air grills and charcoal grills may be the most popular types, but don’t let that limit your imagination.


Maybe you want to cook slowly and slowly for smokers and skewers on the grill, half cooked, half cooked on Southeast Asian grills without a lid. Many grill enthusiasts swear by Kamado-style which benefit from the radiant heat of the ceramic side walls.


6. Cushions


Spread colourful cushions on a neutral outdoor sofa or add felt cushions to a wooden chair for style and space.


When choosing a mattress, choose an outdoor mattress made from a waterproof fabric that has been sun-treated to prevent colour fading. To keep your mattresses clean, plan to store them at the end of the season, on rainy days, or when not in general use.


7. Blankets


Blankets come in handy on chilly nights and help complete the look of your outdoor living room.

Blankets are not meant to be left outside for long periods of time, so choose your preferred quilt pattern (no special outer fabric required) or pull out the stuff around your home and use it as you please.


Made from washable fabrics, such as linen or cotton or even beads, which may be more useful and practical than special care fabrics. To reduce traffic to the stove, plates, glasses, one or two feathers. The ones with dark lips around the edge prevent something from slipping off the board as you move from house to yard.


8. Outdoor Dinnerware


Picnic tableware made from durable materials can be stressful, if you accidentally drop a drink in the garden or leave your cutlery in a misplaced place. Plastic is easy to automatically think of as a safe choice for materials that are nearly unbreakable, especially poolside glasses, but consider wood or enamel furniture instead.


9. Heat source


If you want to be outdoors at night, having a heat source is just as important as having an outside light. Over-the-shoulder blankets may work for an individual, but investing in an outdoor heater can add a sense of fun to the space.


Build an alfresco outdoor living area in Melbourne and take advantage of the city’s pleasant weather.


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